Flat Logo Design – Why are so many companies changing their logos to flat designs?

Ever wondered why all of a sudden many prominent companies have changed their logo design? Giant Companies like Amazon, Apple, and Instagram have all changed their 3D logos to Flat designs. Even, the OTT platform giant, Netflix, has changed the logo to Flat logo design. Google has also changed its logo to flat design and is also planning on changing its by-product “Gmail” logo too.

Netflix Logo History Flat Design

Netflix Logo History

What is Flat Logo Design?

Flat Logo Design is a design style which makes the logo flat as the name suggests. It means the logo is rendered in 2D making the design look minimalistic and simple. The design process of Flat designs does not include add-on effects on the designs, such as the use of color gradients or textures, reflections or shadows, glow or shiny effects. Therefore, flat logos look more real and practical.

Reasons for Companies Changing Their Logos to Flat Designs

Many companies are adopting the flat designs for their logos for numerous reasons. Most common but important reasons are listed below:

  1. Smooth Transition

As we discussed above, flat designs don’t use any additional effects and are two-dimensional designs. Henceforth, this assists the companies in an easier transition across all user interfaces. People are using the largest as well as the smallest devices available for their work or entertainment. So, you want your logo to look same on each device irrespective of the size or quality of the interface. This Flat design has helped the companies to smoothly transition their logos across all platforms like 4K and LCD TVs, Laptops, Tablets and Mobile Phones, Smart Watches and Screen-Projectors.

Giant Brand & Companies changing logo History

Giant Companies changing Logo History

  1. Simple and Minimalistic Look

The use of visuals and animations has increased while marketing a product or brand. Therefore, these flat logos provide a simple and minimalistic look in the flashy banners and also assist in grabbing the attention of the audience. They look distinct and grabs maximum focus in all those cluttered visuals.

  1. Pocket Friendly & Sustainable Designs

Due to no color gradient or texture usage in the flat designs, these logos have decreased the ink cost (printing cost) of the companies. Companies have to print their logos on every official paper, stationery and walls or billboards. There aren’t any shadows, reflections or 3D effects in the flat logos hence enables the companies to cut the printing cost as well as proves to be eco-friendly.

  1. Stay Up-To-Date

In the evolving digital market, every company wants to stay up-to-date with the trend. Majority of giant companies have redesigned their logo into flat logos, seeing this, new startup companies and even the established firms want to have a flat logo so that they don’t look outdated. Flat logo designs have become a trend these days as they look more modern and appealing. Redesigning a logo is necessary in order to sustain in the market. Every generation has their own perceptive of looking at things. Following a trend will help companies to progress with time. We have always seen giant companies update their brand logo from time to time so that they are not wiped out from the market.

Pepsi Logo History Flat Design

Pepsi Logo Change History

Google Logo History Flat Design

Google Logo History Flat Design

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