Should I Outsource or Hire In-House Graphic Designer in USA?


Every time companies before making a hiring decision in the USA, they always stuck on the insource vs. outsource debate.

Some businesses in the USA are taking advantage of outsourcing graphic design projects, like logo design, banner or flyer design, website design, social media branding, SEO services and others while some businesses don’t entertain outsourcing their projects. In this blog, we are going to highlight the importance of outsourcing a graphic design projects.

Why is it essential to hire an experienced graphic designer?

Today technology is changing the way we live, learn and work. Businesses use social media platforms for promoting or marketing products or services. Developing unique and creative visual ideas helps in reaching out to the masses and increase brand awareness among the target audience. Visually appealing graphic design images helps to attract the attention of customers on a worldwide range.

A professional graphic designer is needed to provide your company with all this exposure. There are two primary reasons that make it clear why you need an experienced graphic designer.

  1. Establishing an innovative brand image and create unique marketing collaterals
  2. A graphic designer will constantly work to communicate the right business message across the target market.


Best Graphic Design Company in USA

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Why is it essential to outsource to a graphic design company?

Outsourcing is the latest buzzword these days, as more and more cost and quality conscious businesses all over the world are turning to outsource their non-core business functions. So, first, let’s understand what outsourcing actually is? Outsourcing, basically, is a practice of hiring someone outside the company to handle tasks that aren’t in your wheelhouse. Now you can outsource the project to an individual or a whole another company. Here are some of the most important reasons why companies like to outsource:

  • The costs or expenses are reduced by 59%
  • Focus on core business functions increases by 57%
  • Problems are resolved related to the capacity of 47%
  • The quality of service is increased by 31%
  • Improved talent and industry experience 28%
  • Maintains health workplace environment 17%
  • Increased business performance 17%

The above list doesn’t provide any evidence of this process being free of flaws. Below are some benefits and drawbacks of outsourcing. This will provide a great insight into whether you should outsource or hire an in-house graphic designer.



Affordable price: In terms of cost, outsourcing a graphic designer is much affordable than hiring an in-house graphic designer. The outsourced graphic design projects can be completed at a much cheaper rate than the in-house employee. The difference varies up to 60%.

  1. Increased Efficiency

When you outsource your graphic design projects to LOGODEZINE, they bring years of experience in delivering high-quality graphic design solutions. Thus, graphic designers can produce creative work with their knowledge and understanding of the industry. This leads to an increase in efficiency and brand awareness thereby contributing to the bottom-line of your company.

  1. Diverse Talent

Outsourcing helps to bridge the talent gap and find an expert graphic designer from anywhere across the globe. It provides a great benefit to tap into a greater pool of graphic design talent. Talented designers with diverse sill set help you complete a broad range of projects.

  1. Innovative Ideas

Outsourcing can spice up the creativity and innovativeness. When you hire an outsider, they design materials that are not only fresh and innovative but also attracts the right target market. Fresh concepts and ideas can attract new clients and retain existing ones.



  1. Divided Focus

While working with an outsider you have no idea about how many projects a designer could already be working on. The focus will be divided on each project and ultimately results in low quality work. So, it is suggested that to always go for a graphic design company which allots a dedicated graphic designer to your project.

  1. Loose Control Over The Process

When you use an outsourced graphic designer, you’ll have less control over the process because you won’t be able to track their work. This can be troublesome because you have to completely rely on them. Hence, it is better to choose a graphic design company which is transparent and update you regarding the progress of your project from time-to-time.

  1. Lack of Communication

Another drawback of outsourcing is the lack of communication. Due to time difference, you might not be able to communicate the message on time and the project might get delayed.

If you are looking to hire a graphic designer, especially an outsourced one, our blog must have helped you out. It is clear from the above discussion that the benefits outweigh the drawbacks if you choose a best and affordable graphic design company. Henceforth, your decision in favor of it is likely to be the best option.

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