LOGO DESIGN PROCESS – How Professional Logo Design Company Do It?


Every logo designer has his own way of creating a logo. Professional logo designers become professional by the time where they have designed thousands of logos for different businesses from different industries. By time, they develop their own steps of creating a logo. The professional logo design company also have numerous designer but the company set rules of the logo creation process. This because they got to keep its clients in the loop and show them the designing progress from time-to-time.

Below listed are the five common steps that every professional company follows:

  1. Client and Company Information

Before starting work on logo design, designers always go through the information provided by the client about his company. For example; is there any history behind the company formation? What does the company sell? What is the business name of the company? What are the core values and goal or objectives of the company? What is the target audience of the company?

All these questions are important in order to design a logo. The business logo should answer all these questions in order to represent the brand of the company.


  1. Sketch Different Concepts

Professional logo design companies always come up with different initial design concepts of the logo. These concepts assist the clients in the decision-making process as to which one is a more attractive logo and can also represent their brand in the market. Therefore, sketching up a few logo design concepts at the initial stage is always a great idea.


  1. Logo Designing Techniques

In the first step, the designer knows what the company and client needs. From the second step, designers sketch up a few concepts for the client to select and approve. But designing these logo concepts involves the main techniques. How does a logo designer design a logo concept? Here are the tip and trick to designing the best logo for your company which a professional designer follows. He does the mix and match of the designs.

  • If your logo requirement is a purely typographic logo – he tries different modern and classic font styles to write up the company name in the logo. He mixes one font with others and creates a typographic logo.
  • If your logo requirements are to include a symbol along with text, then professional logo designer looks for the symbol which matches the company name or company products/services. Suppose, your company name is Hourglass Entertainment – then logo designer will try to mix hourglass symbol within the business name.
  • If your logo requirement is to have an icon, like “Tick” sign of Nike, then professional designer thinks out-of-box to provide you with an Icon which will become your brand identity. For example, McDonald’s have rotated the “3” so that to form an “M“.


  1. Coloring your Logo

Colors are very crucial as they form the look of your business logo. One just cannot use red or blue color because he or she likes it. Color should be in accordance to your business. All colors have their own identity and they communicate with the viewers. For example; you use green color in your logo if your company is involved in the environment-related business. Blue color always gives a reassuring, soothing and smooth look. Red colors are known for the aggressiveness, excitement and passion. Then there is a purple color, which represents luxury and extravagance lifestyle. Each color has some kind of psychological effect on the minds of the people so the logo colors should be selected accordingly.


  1. Will you be in trouble tomorrow?

So, here is the final step which a professional logo design company follow, i.e. they cross-check the design online. Once a logo is designed by the designer, it is sent to the quality assurance department for QA purpose. These QAs are asked to check the logo online on various platforms so that it isn’t a copied logo. Copied logo may land you in trouble so it is always better to hire a professional designer than going for $5 freelance designers. You won’t be able to find them after a year. But a professional design company will always be there for your support and the chances of they giving you a copied logo are very less due to the fact that they are in the market to do long-term business.


Concluding Remarks

Every business wants the best logo for their company which can become their brand identity. Therefore, it is always recommended to hire LOGODEZINE, a professional logo design company. The steps followed by this company to design a logo will eventually assist you in getting a creative and attractive logo for your company. Professional logo designers use their imagination and think out-of-the-box while designing a logo. These logo designing companies have their set of rules and process which they follow for designing every logo for each of their clients.  Above stated five steps are the common practices of the professional companies.

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