How Much Does It Cost to Design Logo in the USA?


The twenty-first century, with all its technological advancements in the digital landscape, has created a need for online businesses to have a unique and creative logo design. This is because one gets to see a business symbol almost everywhere in his or her day to day lives – be it online clothing websites, food promotional banners or digital marketing flyers, making it one of the most symbol for the business. Having said so, it is important to make sure that you have a creative logo design that can stay in the minds of customers for a lasting period.

To design a business logo is thus a vital part of marketing strategy and only a professional logo design company in the USA should be contacted for the work. Professional and affordable graphic design companies follow a process that leads to creating a dope logo design that matches your business needs.

Below we have mentioned what the process entails

  1. Evaluating the Brand

The first step in our process is to gather all the details about the brand. Here, we evaluate the business goals of the brand and what it wants to communicate to their target market. We ask to fill out a detailed design brief to create a brand emblem. As a business, thus, you should have all the knowledge about how you want your logo, what brand message it should communicate and who you want to target.

  1. Research Target Market

No matter the business type, you always have competitors in the market. After evaluating the brand, we find out who your competitors are and their business logos. This will provide an idea about your competitors and target customers. While designing a dope logo design, it is important to keep in mind that it should create a good impression and attract the right target customers.

  1. Designing The First Draft

By now, designers have everything they need and they start working on creating an initial design draft. Normally the initial design draft takes two business days. Behind the scenes, the creative logo maker spends a lot of time brainstorming the ideas to create a unique and attractive business symbol.

  1. Feedback and Refining The Design

Once the initial design draft is ready, you will get the opportunity to share your feedback. It is possible and common that you might like the designs in the first go or you might also ask for minor changes in it. In a professional logo design company, creative logo designers work on the feedback given by you to present the design you are looking for.

  1. Final Design

Once you approve the design, a creative logo design team will create final design files. You will get high-resolution sizes and vector files.

Cost of Logo Design for a Business Venture

After going through all the logo design process, we can now come to the main point. According to the details mentioned above the prices of logo design differ greatly. Here we provide you with a rough estimate of how much the logo design packages will cost.

  • Basic Package

The basic logo package is popular among entrepreneurs and small business startup who wants a dope logo design for their business. With this package, you will get logo design in $60

Logo Design Concepts: 03

Number of Revision: 05 Times

Delivery Due Days: 2 Days


  • Standard Package

The standard logo package is popular among medium-sized businesses who want a creative business identity that stands out in the competition. With this package, you will get logo design in $90

Logo Design Concepts: 06

Number of Revision: 08 Times

Delivery Due Days: 3 Days


  • Premium Package

The premium logo package is popular among large and established businesses who wants an innovative design to market their business. With this package, you will get logo design in $150

Logo Design Concepts: 08

Number of Revision: 10 Times

Delivery Due Days: 3 Days

These are some of the logo packages that will give you a fair idea of the budget you need to have to create a dope logo design for your business.



At LOGODEZINE, we are a USA-based professional and affordable logo design company that deals with logos, flyers, animations, and more. You can contact us, should you want us to design a unique brand identity for your business.

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