Avoid 5 Web Design Mistakes In 2019

A well-designed website plays an important role in the success of a website. To make an e-commerce website successful, it is essential to provide a seamless user experience that leaves a lasting impression and influence visitors buying decision.

The very presence of web design mistakes can ultimately affect the engagement of visitors on the website and even results in low search engine rankings. According to Logo Dezine, a web design company, it is extremely important to avoid web design mistakes. To achieve good results, e-commerce websites need to implement user-friendly web design.

Web Design

In the year 2019, here are some web design mistakes that you should avoid:

Seamless Website Navigation

For an e-commerce website, it is necessary to have seamless website navigation.  If your website lacks user-friendly navigation, then there will be high bounce rates from your website and search engine rankings will also decrease. Hence, it is significant to improve your website navigation and keep your website updated with the emerging trends.

Add a Guest Checkout Option

It is necessary to build trust among your first-time customers. In most of the cases, your first-time customers do not find it comfortable to share their personal information on the website. Therefore, it is essential to include a guest checkout option. In this way, a trust factor can be developed between the customer and the online store.

Mobile-Friendly Design

As we all know that today users are more engaged in their mobile devices. So, it is extremely important to create responsive websites or mobile apps for an online store. With responsive websites and mobile apps, users will easily access the website on their mobile devices anywhere, anytime.

Clear Product Descriptions

A product description plays an important role in influencing the purchasing decision. A well-written product description along with high-quality images of the product helps in describing your product to a visitor. It is necessary to have clear and concise product descriptions in an online store.

Add a Filter in Search Option

A search option in your e-commerce store plays a big role in helping customers to find the right product more conveniently and saves time. Adding a filter in the search option will leave your customers contented with your service and ultimately increase the conversion rates. Without a search filter, there will be reduced conversion and increased bounce rate on the website.


These web design mistakes might look small but it might create a huge difference for your e-commerce store. So, make sure that in 2019, you avoid these mistakes in your e-commerce website and provide 100% satisfaction to your customers.

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